Popular Almeria Tourist Areas

Popular Almeria Tourist Areas

Arboleas On The Almanza

Situated on the banks of the river Almanza, Arboleas is a small town with a long history. Until it surrendered the forces of the catholic kings in 1488, Arboleas was a Moorish town.

However although the Moors played a huge part in the town’s history, archaeologist have found proof of human habitation going back to prehistoric times.

However, recently new waves of settlers have moved into this charming town and its surrounding areas. Many British people have chosen to move to Arboleas and enjoy the experience of living in this charming town.

Like many Spanish towns and villages, Arboleas enjoys its share of fiestas that celebrate the town’s history and culture, and the many of the British expatriates join in these fiestas with gusto.

Arboleas is situated well in land so a beach holiday is not on offer here. However there is no lack of things for the more intrepid holiday maker to do.

The town of Arboleas backs onto the slopes of the Filabres Mountains and offers a starting point for many, walks, drives and other excursions into the mountains. Here a traveller can visit the Marble mining villages where huge slices of marble are cut from the ground, or explore the stunning pine forests of the Filabres Mountains.

Huercal Overa – A Town That Has Everything

The merging of two medieval settlements Huercal and Overa formed the market town of Huercal Overa. This bustling market town sits on the banks of the river Almanzora in the province of Almeria. Huercal Overa has a population of around 14000 people and a thriving agricultural industry in the area that surrounds it.

Many people who visit the town are surprised to see countryside that has more in common with Australia in its desert like appearance. However a long term project to bring a greener look to the area was launched some years ago. It was started with a pine plantation and there are plans to plant Oaks, Eucalyptus and Palms to transform the countryside.

Most Spanish towns and villages contain excellent historical examples of architecture, and Huercal Overa is no exception. The church of Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion is just one of the religious examples to be explored along with other buildings that will keep the avid architectural junkie satisfied.

Apart from its architectural heritage, Huercal Overa has plenty of other attractions to offer travellers. The town boasts concerts and fiestas and its Monday market that takes over the town every Monday morning. It has plenty of cafes, restaurants and bars, plus a very modern hospital.

In fact it has everything a person could wish for from a Spanish town.

Discover The Charms Of Mojacar

The municipality of Mojacar is located in the Province of Almeria’s south east region. The Village of Mojacar, Mojacar Peublo, is an attractive white washed village that lies between the Mediterranean Sea and the Sierra Cabrera mountains.

The beach, Mojacar Playa, offers beach lovers around ten miles (seventeen kilometres) of uncrowded sandy beaches, while the village offers attractive winding cobbled streets and small squares of an ancient Moorish town.

These streets and squares offer a traveller, boutiques and shops and cafes. Many of the shops sell excellent examples of the local arts and crafts.

In the evening Mojacar Pueblo can give holiday makers some impressive dining experiences from its plethora of bars and restaurants offering a wide variety of local dishes.

With its village offering traditional and historic sights and sounds, and the long sandy beaches of Mojacar Playa, Mojacar is an excellent place to spend some time enjoying both sides of a Spanish holiday.

Apart from being a popular holiday destination, Mojacar is also the most popular place that UK residents choose when they decide to relocate warm home in the sun, and head for Almeria.

It has very good motorway connections, and is well served by the airports of Granada, Murcia and Almeria.

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